Read and write the values into file
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Thread: Read and write the values into file

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    Read and write the values into file


    Please correct the below code:
    file already contains entries : 1st row username; 2nd row password.
    check status required to write at third line and need to read or alter the check status value.
    Currently this code is working if already there is a value for check status, then it is overwriting else UI hanging.

    WriteCheckStatusToFile(BOOL& locVar)		
    	FILE *l_pFile = NULL;	
    	CString l_strRememberCheck;
    	l_strRememberCheck = GetExePath() + _T("password");
    	CString sVar;
    	if(NULL != (l_pFile = fopen(l_strRememberCheck, _T("r+"))) )
    		int count = 0;  
    		char c; 	 
    		while(count != 2) 
    			if((c = fgetc(l_pFile)) == '\n') count++; 
    		fprintf(l_pFile, sVar);

    thanks in advance to all!
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