Hi, I'm a newcomer fo this forum. I'm seeking for help on how to convert existing SDI application into MFC DLL.

I used VC++/MFC over 10 years ago but didn't touch it many many years. Recently I'm asked whether I can deal with a problem of MFC, I must admit that does mean a difficult thing to me. Let me describe the problem below.

I have two SDI applications built with different VS version(vs2008 and vs2010), One is called MainAPP, another is a special editor(mathematical editor, let's call it matheditor) that need to be embedded into MainAPP as a editor control.

The best way is to make a ActiveX template and move all the functions of matheditor to ActiveX, but none registration to system registry is required so I can only think of MFC DLL solutions.

Matheditor is a SDI application that has menus, dialogs and a CSCrollView derived View class. When convert into DLL all the menus and dialogs(except one) can be discarded, because the MainAPP will embed it as a editor component in its CView derived class.

I have experience of making ActiveX controls but I have no idea how to make it in MFC DLL. MFC extensions DLL needs sharing the MFC DLL outside but MainAPP and Matheditor are built by different version of Visual Studio so I worry there is some version problem, it looks Regular MFC DLL is a better choice but without message pump in it how can I convert the message process code in the view class to DLL?

Anyone gives me a sample of solving this probem will be very thankful, or tell me how.

Or if there is anybody who is willing to talk further details about it or do some consulting work I'll be very very thankful,my email is info@kernel-soft.co.jp.

Thanks in advance.