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    vb.net software is finding deficulty in getting data from server and display_the_same

    Hi all,

    plz help me out from the problem i am facing

    I am a junior developer and i am working on a already developed VB.Net project. many of the employees in my company (around

    45 employees) use this software to store customer details (starting from enquiry to invoice).

    This software is connected to a Windows Server 2003 (via LAN) to store data (data is stored in sql server 2008). BUt now a

    days many users (around 20) are facing problem in getting the data displayed on the software (usually on data gridview) and

    also software repondes very slowly (some times it displays timeout error).

    There was no changes made to client system or server. The system administrator and network administrator are very close to

    me. Even they are not able to find out what is causing this issue. We have done a virus scan and installed windows updates on

    client machine (or computer) and server, but no luck.

    Can anyone plz tell what might have gone wrong or what might be causing this issue??? any solution to this problem.

    additional info: The vb.net software was develped using visual studio .net 2002 and .net 1.1

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    Re: vb.net software is finding deficulty in getting data from server and display_the_

    It sounds like a networking issue to me, however there could be many different issues.

    Is it always the same employees?
    If so, Is there something common between the employees (All using the same Network switch?)
    At a previous location after a hurricane, when plugging computers back into the network, an employee, plugged a network cable into the wall, and then thinking he had a different cable, plugged the other end of the cable into the wall as well. At that point, the data was going around and around in network land causing all kinds of issues.

    Have any updated been applied to the server? MS Updates? Can you roll them back if so.

    Are there any queries running on the SQLServer, that could be causing issues? Someone running an ad-hoc query on a field that is not indexed. We have had accidental queries that we malformed that caused a query to create an enormous temp table.

    That's all I can think of for now. Report back later with any more info, or if you get it resolved.

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    Re: vb.net software is finding deficulty in getting data from server and display_the_

    Windows 2003 w/SQL 2008 DB? Depending on the version of 2003 Server, it probably has a database engine running already. Of course, if you mean Access DB, then it usually has problems with more than 5 concurrent users.

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