i am working to make a translating software from an Urdu sentence into Hindi and vice versa, i am using visual c++ 2010 software with c++ language. i have written an Urdu sentence in a text file. now i want to get a single character one by one from that file so that i can work on it to convert it into its equivalent Hindi character. when i use get() function to get a single character from input file and write this single character on output file, i get some unknown ugly looking character placed in output file. kindly help me with proper code. my code is as follows
using namespace std;
void main()
    wchar_t arry[50];
    wifstream inputfile("input.dat",ios::in);
    wofstream outputfile("output.dat");

        cerr<<"File not open"<<endl;
    int i=0;
    while ( ! inputfile.eof() )         // i am using this while just to
                                         // make sure copy-paste operation of
                                         // written urdu text from one file to
                                         // another. get() function used
                                         // in this way works well but when i
                                         // try to pick only one character from
                                         // file, it does not work.
        arry[i] = inputfile.get();
    cout<<"Hello world"<<endl;