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    Thumbs up RDLC - Embedded Report - VC++ 2010

    Iam using VC++2010. I wish to have a Embedded rdlc report to my project...Really I tried in many places.. but not having a solution. Still confused...

    In C# Simply we can have from Report1->Properties....BuildAction=Embedded Resource And, reportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "MyProject1.Report1.rdlc"; But in VC++ I can't find such property... I tried like the below

    reportViewer1->LocalReport->ReportEmbeddedResource = "MyProject1.Report1.rdlc";

    Its not working..


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    Re: RDLC - Embedded Report - VC++ 2010

    AFAIK there is no operator -> in C#, at least not with a meaning similar to what it means in C++[/CLI]. I think I recall having seen something like that in C# in the context of LINQ, though, which is a feature that, at least in that form, isn't supported in C++/CLI at all. But it's possible to "emulate" that in some way, however, at the price of a rather clumsy syntax.

    Unfortunately I never had anything to do with RDLC myself, so, as long as no-one comes along who really knows it, you need to be quite specific so I can follow what's going on. In particular, this probably would be really helpful:
    • your exact original C# code (in code tags, please )
    • the exact data types of all objects involved
    • the C++/CLI code you used in your attempt to reproduce the C# results
    • the errors you got in C++/CLI
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