Good evening everyone,

I have been tasked for a job interview as a junior developer to create a game with the following parameters:

  • Listen on a specific port
  • Allow multiple clients to connect at once
  • Application client, which is responsible for connecting to server, interpreting the commands, and sending commands to the server
  • Client will ask user for lower number and higher number of the guessing game
  • Client will then ask user for their guess
  • Client will tell the user if their guess is too high, too low, or correct.
  • Once they guess the correct number, the client will then tell the user the number of trieds they took to find that number
  • The game then starts over.
  • *Side: I also want to add an option to close the game at anytime

I am not looking for someone to tell me the EXACT approach to this. I am new to the coding world (I dove into C++ and Visual Basic about 9 years ago in high school; haven't touched it since), and have become intrigued at the fundamentals behind it. What I am looking for is some reference materials that might show examples of how this would be accomplished.

Does anyone know of a website or published materials that would help me on this adventure?

Thanks for your time in reading this post,