Thought I would give some brief and background about us, and our project this time.

This idea started with two of us, fresh International Business graduates with major in Marketing and Management. Both of us own a company since before, travel industry is Patrick's business and sales/marketing industry is Richard's business. Richard also added two graduates from the Computer Science class, James and Erik who would initially be our developers. But unfortunately Erik decided to continue with his Master studies, leaving only James left as web developer.

Richard also knew some guy who won the Blizzard moviemaking contest multiple times, who will also be supporting us.

Worth adding is also that to date, Patrick sponsor some known gaming teams with his company. These teams will have a direct partnership with us once we open our servers. So we will hold weekly interviews, do livestreams and players on our servers will be able to interact and play together with them in-game as well.

This is one of the reasons we have decided to stick with a "network-project" rather than a wow-server like everyone else. There is tons of servers out there who look like everyone elses, I don't understand why people still believe they can obtain players by doing like everyone else. You have to stick out from the crowd to gain reputation, not try to copy others. You have molten-wow to look up to for that, they came with a structured plan and took the crowd with a storm.

Now it's our turn to take some of that back, this we will do by introducing the first social interactive webplatform for wow-servers, now your lazy days at work with no wow access can be more fun. As you can still socialize and interact with the people you know ingame, directly through their profiles or through a channel on our website. There will be a lot of fun to do on the webplatform, that will help you obtain rewards that you can use ingame, as you progress through our integrated web awards system.

This is still a teaser of what to expect. Our project plan is about to be completed, and soon ready to be handed over to our designer so he can begin. Unlike others, we have a very solid start-up budget which will make us able to pay developers already from the beginning.

Enough with the talk about this, now to the recruitment.

Our ideal candidates is able to work minimum 40 hours per week.
Have atleast 2+ years experience with C#/C++ and SQL.
You should be able to work fast and meet deadlines.
You should have a portfolio, such as scripts you've done or fixes you have inplemented.
You should be fluent in English, and have a professional attitude.
You should preferably be atleast 18 years old (Otherwise you will not be able to recieve our benefits)
You also need to have a microphone and a proper headset.

Your salary is based on how much you are able to complete, deadlines you are able to reach, experience and overall dedication to this project. You can however expect a minimum 300 per month in the beginning. Benefits will be included and will be discussed privately with the ideal candidates.

If you are interested you can email to: adventurefour[at]