Assignment HELP! (ALMOST DONE!) class, member function array..(with comment

A corporation has six divisions, each responsible for sales to different geographic locations.
Design a DivSales class that keeps sales data for a division, with the following
An array with four elements for holding four quarters of sales figures for the division
A private static variable for holding the total corporate sales for all divisions for the
entire year.
A member function that takes four arguments, each assumed to be the sales for a quarter.
The value of the arguments should be copied into the array that holds the sales data.
The total of the four arguments should be added to the static variable that holds the total yearly corporate sales.

A function that takes an integer argument within the range of 0 to 3.

The argument is to be used as a subscript into the division quarterly sales array.

The function should return the value of the array element with that subscript.

Write a program that creates an array of six DivSales objects. The program should ask the user to enter the sales for four quarters for each division.

After the data is entered, the program should display a table showing the division sales for each quarter.

The program should then display the total corporate sales for the year.

Input Validation: Only accept positive values for quarterly sales figures.

HTML Code:

#include <iomanip>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class DivSales      // Class name

private:            //Private function variables
static float corpSales;       // it has to be static, but when i try it it gives me error
float divSales;

DivSales() {divSales = 0;}  //constructor initialization, not sure of this

                            // here it suppose to be an member function with array for the quarterly but i don't understand how to do it.

void addDivSales (float s, float s2, float s3, float s4)          // Member function passing parameter
{ divSales += s; corpSales += divSales;}        // operations (not quite sure)
 float getDivisionSales () {return divSales;}   // returning values for displaying
  float getCorpSales () { return corpSales;}

float DivSales::corpSales=0;


int main ()


DivSales divisions [6];     //class with object array

int count;

for (count = 0; count < 6; count ++)     //loop for prompting user for values
float sal = 0,sal_2 = 0,sal_3 = 0,sal_4 = 0;  // variable initialization

cout << "Enter the 4 sales for each division ";     //prompting user

cout << (count + 1) << " : ";       //displaying the loop divisions

cin >> sal >> sal_2 >> sal_3 >> sal_4;
divisions[count].addDivSales(sal,sal_2,sal_3,sal_4);      //) passing sal to member function addDivsales to do operation

cout << setprecision(2);
cout << showpoint << fixed;
cout << "\nHere are the division sales: \n";

for (count = 0; count < 6; count++)      //loop for displaying the numbers the user input
cout << "Division " << (count + 1) << " $ ";
cout << divisions[count].getDivisionSales() << endl;    // not quite sure, i follow instructions from my course.. 
                                                        // but it display what user put into each division, guess it adds s to divSales


cout << "Total corporate sales:\t$ ";             
cout << divisions[0].getCorpSales() << endl;        // displaying the TOTAL CORPORATE SALES on the member function ( but I get wrong number )

return 0;