I really like Silverlight. In fact I like it so much that when I am forced to write a Web App, I have been using Silverlight. There are a couple things I don't understand, however. Silverlight is all about allowing stateful RAD programming for boring corporate intranet LOB applications combined with the ease of deployment of web apps. Considering its target audience, a couple of things don't seem to make sense to me.

#1 Why all the multimedia support and allowance for so many XAML effects? Wouldn't the plug in be smaller and easier to support if they only allowed white screens and one black mono-width font with no movie playing or animation effects? No association with annoying videos or rolling banners or other such nonsense would be good for its reputation as well.

#2 Why no ability to directly access the Web UI project hosting it for synchronous calls to it's attached Database project? Having to wire up asynchronous callbacks through services kind of takes away some of its development speed advantage over Web Forms and MVC.

#3 No file menu?!? Really, video playback more important than a basic file menu?

I'm nit-picking here. I really do like the platform a lot and it sucks that Microsoft has VB6ed it.