This is a good link describing Mickeysoft's unrelenting quality of support:
So impressed was I that I decided to come and post it here.
Can anyone come up with an error description for this?:
"ResGen.exe" exited with code -1073741701.

Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit

Environment: Visual Studio 2010 Enterprise SP1 (x86 of course) (Office Professional 2010 is installed (x86) also, if relevent - it's not).

Create a new windows custom user control project with .NET 3.5 as the target platform.

Add a control and throw an image on it.

Right-click solution and Build. Error may or may not occur.

Change the target platform to .NET 4. Compile again (no error).

Change the platform back to .NET 3.5 and compile again (error occurs).

Compile one more time (doing nothing else). Error goes away.

From this point you can play in the project and the error will return intermittantly. Changing the resource contents should cause the error to reoccur.