Hi Guys,

I am just in a dazed state and can't seem to even figure this out. If possible, could you please just build a simple project from the class wizard, add the GetWindowText() and SetWindowText() code to get the text into a control, send the text back to the screen, and where to put the UpdateAllViews() at? I know you can do it in about 5 mins as you are clearly skilled.

This is really lame on my part but I am at a point of a mental block and am frustrated big time.

As we used to say as kids... Pretty Please?

You could either post it here or send it to my Google email account using my screen name.

For what it is worth, I am 60 years of age and not a student trying to get help on a school project (wish I was that young again). I can send you other files that I have worked on, just not this type