Hello all,

I work in heathcare IT and have been finishing up a non-CS bachelors. My degree has c++ in the curriculum and have taken 2 semesters of it and passed. We never got into any gui stuff. It was
strictly console apps. That being said I have been able to create a few small apps to help with my job/department. I would like to start to create GUI based apps but I am kind of overwhelmed at the
choices. I dont know where to go from here. Since I have c++ experience I would think Visual C++ would be the choice but i have been reading a lot of forums and getting other info.

Is there another language I should look at the would allow me to convert my program quicker or easier?

The console program I already created is very very simple and want to make a gui for.
Quick break down.

Reads file
Changes file contents based on search string,
saves and closes file
and kills a windows service

Only thing I want to add would be the ability to run the file from a remote site within the company LAN(not a priority though). Currently it needs to be run locally on the server.

I don't mind learning something new or re-coding the whole thing since its such a simple program. Mainly looking for some direction and guidance.

Thanks in advance,