A better way to write / read dozens of textboxes?
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Thread: A better way to write / read dozens of textboxes?

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    Re: A better way to write / read dozens of textboxes?

    I'm on my first VC project so followed this thread with avid interest.

    What I would appreciate is one or more pointers to info on how to achieve what has been hinted at here, namely encapsulating controls in a class.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eri523 View Post
    Finally, the most elegant and efficient approach would probably be, like already suggested by D_Drmmr, to create your own class to bundle the controls for each channel. I'd probably do that myself in the form of an EQ band control class, derived from Panel or even GroupBox. That would be some additional effort up-front but is likely to pay later by simplifying things.
    I know how to access controls from a class but that's not the same thing as encapsulating (or "wrapping") is it.
    "Add component class" (project menu) looked promising with designer code section in .h but no meaningfull designer view and I can't find any help on what this is or how to use it. Tried to search this forum but... (it still seems to be working on my first search...)
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