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With the option turned on, once you create a UserControl-derived class and build it, it will automatically be added by the IDE to the toolbox, at the very top, under it's own category.
Is that automatic toolbox addition confined to the solution from which I add the component then? For instance, most of my apps certainly wouldn't need a 7-seg digit class, even less a stopwatch component class. Otherwise I might prefer to explicitly disable that feature if it's enabled by default, to prevent the toolbox from getting polluted with custom control classes actually unrelated to most other projects.

(Actually, I put the stopwatch component into a DLL of which the stopwatch application is merely a client. That way I can use the component in other apps in any desired and supported way I like. While the stopwatch can be embedded as a control in any form, I currently don't make use of that feature in any of my apps. However, the stopwatch component also is capable of creating its own rudimentary form, and I make use of that feature by late-loading the component in a few of my apps where timing may be of interest in debugging. However, there's only one of my apps where even the release version does support that, and there the feature is activated by specifying the path to the stopwatch DLL in an undocumented app.config entry or simply copying the stopwatch DLL to the app directory. Rather expert stuff, so...)

Looks like I'm ruminating too much. Time to go to bed...