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    Help with VBA Excel Script

    I am trying to write a VB Script to do a few things in Excel. I am trying to filter a table based on certain criteria. It is working if I directly specify the table range (where the data is). I would like to make this more dynamic so that if the size of the table grows then the script will still work. How can set the table range to go to the last cell in the table? Please see code comments.

    If Target.Range.Address = "$B$5" Then
    With Sheets("PAR Where is it")
    MsgBox "Event from B5 Fired"
    'specific range from A2 to L110.  What if table grows?  How to find last cell in table?
    ActiveSheet.Range("A2:L110").AutoFilter Field:=12, Criteria1:="<=5"
    ActiveSheet.Range("A2:L110").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="MTABC"
    End With
    End If

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    Re: Help with VBA Excel Script

    ActiveSheet.UsedRange gives you just what the name suggests. However, that may not be exactly what you want, since you seem to be wanting to exclude the first row. A range comprising the used range except for the first row can be obtained like this:

    Dim rngYourRange As Range, rngUsed As Range
    Set rngUsed = ActiveSheet.UsedRange
    Set rngYourRange = ActiveSheet.Range("A2:" & Chr(64 + rngUsed.Columns.Count) & Mid(Str(rngUsed.Rows.Count), 2))
    BTW, the better place to post questions about VBA, where it's more likely you get an answer, probably is the VB6 section, since VBA and VB6 are very similar.
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