Hello everybody ,

When I write VB6 program , I need to copy files to C:\Windows. But always fail as I don't have Administrator's Right. I found a program on web but also fail :

Option Explicit

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Const ssfDESKTOP = 0
Const ssfWINDOWS = 36
Dim OriginalFile As String
Dim CopiedFile As String
Dim F As Integer

With CreateObject("Shell.Application")
With .NameSpace(ssfDESKTOP).Self
OriginalFile = .Path & "\test-orig.txt"
End With
With .NameSpace(ssfWINDOWS).Self
CopiedFile = .Path & "\test-copy.txt"
End With
End With
F = FreeFile(0)
Open OriginalFile For Output As #F
Print #F, "Testing!"
Close #F
FileCopy OriginalFile, CopiedFile
Kill OriginalFile
MsgBox FileLen(CopiedFile)
End Sub

Please help me. Thanks a lot