Dear all,

My name is George Delaportas and I am an entrepreneur in new technologies and especially on the Internet.

I have a brilliant idea which I hope it will be the next big step for Web 3.0 and the unification of the services
and apps on the Internet over the cloud since our era is near to the utilization of the Thin-Client scheme almost
for every single device.

In general, the idea is an abstract and unified but very simple programming meta-language and framework which is not really compiled on its own syntax but it's being converted to other languages on-demand over the cloud.
This way you will have only one universal "language", like English, and converters on the cloud - on the software vendor's side - to parse and compile according to the infrastructure needs.

For example an app for iPhone coded in ALPHA Script would be instantly deployed and available in any other O/S
and device like a smart-phone, tablet, etc in minutes and would also be available on other clouds like Amazon EC2, Google, Azure except from the iCloud!
The intercommunication among the different clouds could be formed in SOAP with XML or JSON.

In any case the unification of the diversity of so many different technologies by providing a virtual bridge could finally lead to the: "Code Once, Deploy Anywhere" era. In other words, developers can code in ALPHA Script or in their favorite language but the vendors can convert on the server side (cloud) their app in ALPHA Script Schema and distribute them to all the other clouds.

This mechanism will give unlimited options for rapid development and instant deployment for different applications which would be useful to the new era of Thin and non Thin Clients. Also, ALPHA Script as a framework provides a total solution for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication!

Please read more on the following references and examples/samples.

Finally the ALPHA Script is an open source project and I work with effort to make a team of experts to forge
a global consortium like W3C that each software vendor will provide responses upon requests for the addition
of new features and extension of this abstract unified meta-language.

Thank you very much!

My Best regards,
George Delaportas
CEO at localhost Ltd.