Hi, I have made a windows replacement shell and I have a built in theme form, and so I was thinking about having something like a scripting language so that why the user can change what ever they wont, All my theme editor dose is change the background pictures and change the color of the icons text and changes the Icons its self to what you pick and the task bar and the menu button, so why I want a scripting language so everything on the replacement shell can be changed to what ever they wont it to look and fell of the shell, right now you can add Icons to the shell desktop and move them around and when you exit it saves to where you placed them, there is alot more of my shell but I cant type everything in right now because I'm at work. But when I get home in hrs I will list everything I have done its a very big project, its not small at all Iv been working on it for a very long time and it all works just the way I want but I just thought it would be cool to be able to change everything just like how you can thought Linux, I have used Linux for along time and I just wanted to make my own replacement shell but for windows, I have made alot of shell replacements for Linux and I even have my own distro, but back to the project, I was thinking to just make a new project and just figure out how I can change things around that way i don't have to put it in my shell to I get it working OK. Then once it works good then I will move it over to my shell, I'm looking for help on how to us and edit with a scripting language, or another thing i was thinking about is just hard code it in vb instead of a scripting language, If any one has Ides please tell me I'm all open for new things and Ides, thanks.