I haven't got experience with Visual Basic 6.0 but I want to try/learn to make a simple program.

I've already made a form but I don't know how to make procedures.

Now, I've found an other similar program as the one I want to make so I want to copy some procedures and paste it into my program but when I decompile this existing program I get information I can't paste in Visual basic 6.0 because I get syntax errors.

Now I've made a simple procedure (for command_4-button), made .exe-file with Virtual Basic 6.0 and decompiled it with VB decompiler PRO to see how everything looks like.

Is it possible to convert this kind of information (from VB decompiler PRO):
Private Sub Command4_Click() '402D80
loc_00402DA2: var_08 = &H401078
loc_00402DAE: and ecx, 00000001h
loc_00402DB1: var_04 = arg_08
loc_00402DB4: and al, FEh
loc_00402DB7: arg_08 = arg_08
loc_00402DBC: call edx+04h(arg_08, edi, esi, ebx, fs:[00h], MSVBVM60.DLL.__vbaExceptHandler, ebp)
loc_00402DBF: call End
loc_00402DC5: var_04 = 0
loc_00402DD2: call ecx+08h(arg_08)
loc_00402DE8: retn 0004h
End Sub

Into this kind of information (Visual Basic 6.0), see below:
Private Sub Command4_Click()
End Sub

I hope somebody could help me.

With kind regards