I had previously attempted to put all my VS C++ stuff on my D data partition. It seems I have 4 projects out there.

But, it looks like I have one project that's partly on C and partly on D.

D:\Libraries\Documents\Visual Studio\projects

which has 4 directories underneath it for each project/solution and all looks good and makes sense. No problem. All .cpp and .exes are inside the Debug and Release directories under each project directory name.

This is my problem project:

C:\users\jim\Documents\Visual Studio\Projects\test\

But the source .cpp file is called "System Image" as I wish it to be yet it's inside a \test directory. The .exe is inside that \test directory in the \Release directory. Confusingly, there's ANOTHER test directory under the \test directory that also has a Debug directory. No idea why.

So, I need to have someone explain the layout of what VS C++ does. For example, Tools --> Options (Projects and Solutions, GENERAL tab) has everything pointing to D: . Do these options come into play ONLY when you "create a new project/solution"? In other words, I have 4 projects seemingly laid out as I wish. Is the Tools -> Options reflecting the currently opened project/solution or is it a true "option" that WOULD be applied to all future project/solution creations?

What's the best way for me to redo this "System Image" project to get all of it on D:? Simply save the only source file (System Image.cpp), delete the "test" project (yet the .sln file is called System Image.sln) and make sure everything is off C: ? Then create a new Project/Solution and make sure a System Image directory gets created in the correct place on D: so I know I'm doing it correctly? Then cut/paste the System Image.cpp into the editor and save it as System Image?