hi guys:
these days i got a confusing tour over streaming a SWF into IShockwaveFlash, i have a code looks about like this :

from a CAxWindow i can get a IShockwaveFlash interface ,
and then a IPersistStreamInit come up ,i had loaded a SWF stream into IPersistStreamInit and that IShockwaveFlash just worked well only for couple of minutes,procedure will be healted about running 5 minutes later more or less ,entire process just got 'halted', once 'put_Movie()' be invoked it just worked well all time,i mean everything just going the same way okay when 'put_Movie()' instead of 'IPersistStreamInit ->Load()' thing, so i think 'IPersistStreamInit is the point for sure. but i just totally have no idea about this scenario.

here is the flow chart:







well , codes just like above essentially,process will be stopped by IPersistStreamInit->Load(pSWFStream);

have you guys seen something like this b4?

thank you and good luck 2 u guys