I have to finish this code for homework but I have no idea at all?? could anyone help me?

The directions are:

1.) A function function that takes, as an in parameter, a single character. If this character
is a vowel (a, e, i, o or u) it will return true. Otherwise it will return false. You must
deal with the fact that these vowels could be uppercase or lowercase. To do this add,
#include <cctype> to the top of your program. Then, you may use the function
tolower with prototype, char tolower(char), to convert a character to lowercase
before deciding if it is a vowel or not.

A function that takes a file name as an in parameter and four in/out parameters and
returns a Boolean. The in/out parameters are four counters, the number of vowels, the
number of white space characters, the number of digits, and the number of symbols.
This function will open the fille for reading if the open fails, the function should return
false. Otherwise, the function will look at every character in the file and update the
appropriate counter. When the end-of-fille (EOF) is encountered, the function should
close the le and return true to the caller. You will want to use two functions from
the cctype library, isdigit and isspace. The function isdigit, with prototype
bool isdigit(char), takes a character and returns trueif the character is a digit and
false otherwise. The function isspace, with prototype bool isspace(char), takes
a character and returns true if the character is a white space character and false

I have the following program so far FINISHED for question 1(I am 100%% sure it is right) but I do not understand how to do Question 2 AT ALL PLEASE HELP:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

// Prototypes
void incrementStatistics(string, int&, int&, int&);
void displayStatistics(int, int, int);
bool isVowel(char);

int main()
string word; // Input: the word entered by the user.
int numVowels = 0; // Holds the number of vowels.
int numConsonants = 0; // Holds the number of consonants.
int numLetters = 0; // Holds the total number of letters.
bool doneWithInput = false; // Flag to control when the loop is done.

while (!doneWithInput)

// Prompt for a word
cout << "Please enter a word (\"bye\" to exit): ";
cin >> word;

// If the word is "bye" stop updating the statistics. Othewise,
// update the statistics using the current word.
if (word == "bye")
doneWithInput = true;
incrementStatistics(word, numVowels, numConsonants, numLetters);

// Dispaly the statistics
displayStatistics(numVowels, numConsonants, numLetters);

return 0;

// This function will increment the statics using the in/out parameters numVowels,
// numConsonants, and numLetters.
// Pre: numVowels >= 0, numConsonants >= 0 and numLetters >= 0
// Post: numVowels, numConsonants and numLetters are incremented appropriately
void incrementStatistics(string word, int& numVowels, int& numConsonants, int& numLetters)

int currPosition; // The current position in the string.

// Increment the number of letters by the number of letters in the string.
numLetters += word.length();

// Count the number of vowels and the number of consonants. We will use
// a for loop to test each character in the string.
for (currPosition = 0; currPosition < word.length(); currPosition++)
if (isVowel(

// This function will deteremine if a letter is a vowel or not.
// Pre: a valid character
// Post: true if the letter is a vowel false otherwise
bool isVowel(char letter)
// convert letter to a lowercase letter
letter = tolower(letter);

if (letter == 'a' || letter == 'e' || letter == 'i' || letter == 'o' || letter == 'u')
return true;
return false;

// This function will display the statistics nicely to the screen
// Pre: numVowels >= 0, numConsonants >= 0, and numLetters >= 0.
// Post: none.
void displayStatistics(int numVowels, int numConsonants, int numLetters)
cout << endl;
cout << " Vowels: " << numVowels << endl;
cout << " Consonants: " << numConsonants << endl;
cout << "Total Letters: " << numLetters << endl;

Please Help I know it could be a lot of work but I really need help right now... thanks