Ok I'm making something sort of on the fly and I have learned it's not a good way. That said I was wondering something that
is pretty simple but I'm not sure about. That is should I just put all my methods on the same page as my form controls
and what not? or should I make a new class and store them there.

I'm not doing anything mind blowing just some averaging on numbers that I pulled form a file and the like. I have this
block of code, should I make it into a method on a new class page or just make it a method on the page the controls
are on.

 foreach (string s in fileNames)

                int lineCount = 0;
                string line;
                string strHold;
                double someDoubleVar;

                StreamReader file = new StreamReader(s);
                while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)
                    strHold = line.Replace("\"","");
                    if (lineCount == 15)
                         holder = strHold.Split(',');
                         if (Double.TryParse(holder[2], out someDoubleVar)) { elong.Add(someDoubleVar);}
                         if (Double.TryParse(holder[3], out someDoubleVar)) { breakStr.Add(someDoubleVar); }
                         if (Double.TryParse(holder[4], out someDoubleVar)) { mod.Add(someDoubleVar); }
I hope My made some sense