Hello, i need your help with this:
i am making a skype "analog". It is just very basic chat, no ip. The main principle is to have two classes:
class User and class Server. I now need to send user1 message to user2. Of course that message should be sent to server (class Server), and then server would redirect it to the user2.
Message should be packed in an array or string.

Question: can you give me an example on how to send a message from memo1 box to "server" and then from "server"to memo2 (this is user2) box.
I think that i should write a message to array (array structure: user_id chat_text ), but HOW TO DO IT?

Everything should be done very basic, using structures and classes (and functions), no sockets!!!

I would be very grateful for your help.

Here is how the program window looks:

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