What I'm doing

I am reading a file one line at a time, when I hit the 16th line I split it and fill 3 arrays with values I want.
I have gotten some really good help on that here, so thanks to all for that.


It turns out that all the files I'm reading are not the same, so the 16th line will not always have the information I want in it.


This is what the line looks like in the .txt file

That is the first line to have the word "Mean" in it, I've checked. So instead of getting the 16th line I was thinking about just looping through
until the hit the first line with "Mean" in it. I tried something like this (code below) but it didn't seem to work. Any suggestions would be great.
I value your opinions

if (contains = Regex.IsMatch(line, @"\bmean\b"));
Thanks for you help in this