I am hopeful there is a Regex guru who can help me with this particular problem. I have not had a great amount of experience using regex, though am mostly fine with the simpler elements.

What I am trying to do is strip a certain element from a string that contains a full filename with bracketed data. The data I need to check for is in the format(s) of,

(Disc 1 of 2)
(disc 1)
(disc 1/2)

and variations of. These are unique and only one instance is present per string (or none)

I need to locate these and extract the first value (numerical), a '1' in the cases posted. This value I want to use to create a uniform format of the myrad of formats shown above.
The second number is not needed as I only want to create a string of the format

(Disc x)

Any help would be wonderful as I have been struggling with this for some time.