bitset seems the way to go then, but I would want to come up with more flags for the program, which shouldn't be hard.

For performance, it may matter or it may not, but the class this is part of will be instantiated for many, many, and maybe many, many more agents in the system, all of which may test this value for each and every other instance of the class so if there are, say, 100 agents in the program, each one would check this value of each other instance, giving you 9,900 checks for the value, and this class was designed to check this value whenever another class satisfies the check's requirements, say time of day, and if all instances are online at the same time, worst case scenario, 9,900 checks. Now assume this check is part of an overhead loop for the program and each class makes this check every second. Now this value check is happening, again with a worst case scenario, 9,900 times per second, or 594,000 times per minute. That is why I want the most efficient data type.

I will look into bitset, but I would like to ask more question on the subject: Would inline assembly for C++ help me with manipulating single bits better than C++ alone does? I already know assembly and enjoy it.