Hello All,

I would like to explore the idea of an interactive photo (via touchscreen app or internet page) for a project at college.

My idea is to film a video of myself looking all around a 'circle' (body stays still)

Then with this video, i would want to create a picture, that follows the mouse or finger on a touchscreen. Thus making an interactive photo.

Would it be possible to set trigger points to a video, i.e when my eyes look towards the bottom left hand screen, the triger point would be there, so when my finger is there i am looking at it.

Does anyone have any idea if this would work, or how i would start to develop this?

So the end product would be me following the mouse (or finger) around the screen where ever the mouse goes (within the picture)

Idealy it would be an andriod app as an end product.

Also do you know of any examples of this?

Many thanks for any replies,

I look forward to your responces