Hi everyone,

I am looking help for making an Windows Form Application which will do these 2 main functions.

1. Books: Picture, Title, Current Price, Number of Bids, Item description
(Author's (firstname, surname), Publish Year, Publisher's name)

2.Laptops: Picture, Maker, Model, Current Price, Number of Bids, Item
description (Screen size. CPU speed, Memory size, hard drive size)

All am looking help for is the points stated below:

1. The ability to select one of the two categories to start;
2. The ability to view all items in the selected category one by one,
displaying all attributes for each item; at least 5 items for each
category included;
3. The ability to exit from the application.

And any 3 amongst the below:

1. The ability to navigate forward and backward within a selected
2. The ability to skip to a particular item using the item ID.
3. The ability to search for items in the Laptop category using keywords,
items found should be displayed (should at least display the maker,
model and current price)
4. The ability to add /delete new items to/from the system.
5. The ability to make a bid (by adding a control for bidding. When a bid
executed, the current price needs to be increased by an amount
entered by the user.
6. The ability to display all laptops that have current price more than 500
(should at least display the maker, model and current price)
7. The ability to store/display the bidding history. The bidding history
should be available when the application is restarted.
8. The ability to load data from an XML file or a database. If a database is
used, this should only be for storing data. The interface must use C#
Windows Forms.

Is there anyone who can help me out with this please? And in return, I have got a very nice gift for you, if you play Texas Holdem Poker.