I have this VB project to do in my first year at college,with everything else i can't seem to figure out this bit of code.. Here's some information about it.

Its based on a fictional car hire firm where i have to design a car rental form that an operator fills out while talking to the client on the phone.

There are a number of vehicles involved,but i will use one as an example here.

VW Polo- Daily rate... 37.50 weekly rate... 236.25...Fortnightly Rate... 448.90

Extras.. Child Seat... 22.00 Sat-Nav... 5.00 Roof Rack... 45.00.(client has a choice of one or all)

If the customer requires the car for 16 days(this number is just an example,it could be any number of days depending on the overall rental period) the cost is calculated by applying the fortnightly rate and adding two extra days at the daily rate.The prices are quoted excluding VAT(20%).

I have figured out the code that calculates the total number of rental days using the datetimepicker in Visual basic express.

I have declared the rental rates and cost of extras as constants in the public class
and vehicle choices are made by clicking on a radiobutton allocated for each vehicle,checkboxes for extras.

With this information i need to calculate the TOTAL COST of the rental using the MOD operator.