Hi all,

I have an XML structure as shown below.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-9" ?>
	<gruplar GrupAdi="Formlar">
		<menu MenuAdi="Birinci Menü">
			<bolgekodu>bölge kodu 1</bolgekodu>
			<bolgescriptkodu>bölge script kodu 1</bolgescriptkodu>
			<ustkod>üst kod 1</ustkod>
			<headscriptkodu>head script kodu 1</headscriptkodu>
                        <csskodu>css codes here</csskodu>
		<menu MenuAdi="İkinci Menü">
			<bolgekodu>bölge kodu 2</bolgekodu>
			<bolgescriptkodu>bölge script kodu 2</bolgescriptkodu>
			<ustkod>üst kod 2</ustkod>
			<headscriptkodu>head script kodu 2</headscriptkodu>
			<csskodu>css codes here</csskodu>
My code reads the XML file and creates a treeview node for each "menu" item. I need to set the values of the child nodes of XML file menu items, to a variable.

Could you please give me an example or idea how to set the 5 sub items to variables dynamically and how to request them on drag drop of each treeview menu node?

Many thanks