crash initializing size_t array
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Thread: crash initializing size_t array

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    crash initializing size_t array

    Hi guys, I'm wondering why I get a crash when initializing the indices array below (bottom)-
      struct TerrainGroupData
             TerrainGroupData(Ogre::Vector3 ** iVertices, unsigned long ** iIndices, size_t* iFaceNum, size_t* iVertNum)
                vertices = iVertices;
                indices = iIndices;
                meshIndexCount = iFaceNum;
                meshVertexCount = iVertNum;
                delete [] vertices;
                delete [] indices;
             size_t *meshVertexCount;
             size_t *meshIndexCount;
             Ogre::Vector3 ** vertices;
             unsigned long ** indices;
    // using the struct  in cpp file 
             terrainGroupData.indices = new unsigned long*[1];
             size_t size = 3;
             // resize this terrain's index buffer
             terrainGroupData.indices[0] = new unsigned long[size]; // crash here
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