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Thread: Texting Script

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    Texting Script

    I have been researching this topic for a little while but wasn't too sure on how to approach this topic. Here is what I am trying to do; I want to create a mail server, either built-in to windows ( which hasn't been working) or a 3rd party mail server that I can easily manage. I want to be able to send a text message from my phone and have that text be received on my listening mail server and then from there can be interpreted however I deem necessary for the specific operation or task. I have seen mail scripts that can connect to a server, start listening, etc. But none seem to work well with what I have. Can anyone help me find a third party application like this and how to use code to login, and listen for text messages from my phone. I have some third party applications, but I am unsure how to make them work with my C++ code. All help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Texting Script

    No, you would need the SMSC to send the messages to your server, you have no control over that. Sorry, you'll have to think of something else, it's not possible to man-in-the-middle a text message.

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    Re: Texting Script

    What if instead of a text, it was just an email? I know you can send emails back and forth and extract the message to be used elsewhere.

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    Re: Texting Script

    Text (SMS) only happens from a GSM to another GSM. you cannot GSM to a mail server or other way around unless someone is providing for the actual relay between the GSM network and internet. (there are services for this, most of them are paying).

    You can however attach a GSM to a computer (your server), and then read out the GSM periodically and scan for new text messages that way. you'll need a GSM that will allow this and drivers for yout OS. I'm sure your local phone shop will be able to provide you with information on what phones can do this.

    the alternative way...
    use a smart phone to send twitter messages (the phone will need internet connectivity), have your server scan the twitter account (there are api's for this).

    Solution 1 will work from any GSM, but is more complex to develop.
    Solution 2 will work from smart phones only, but the server side code will be easy.

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