Greeting Codeguru world!
I posted my thread in this section because i thought it might be related to (Non Visual C++ Issues). I would like to apologize if this is wrong section.

I had been learning C++ since last 4-5 months. Learning programming language(C++) was my aim to become a successful System Designer from childhood. Due to my poor family background, i wasn't able to join the academic career life of Computer Science. I had been self studying Computer Science from various internet sources and when i got to know that C++ is a powerful programming language, i started reading it. I had gained all basic knowledge as well as knowledge of Object Oriented Programming using Standard Template Library of C++ after reading the Book of Author Robert Lafore.

Suppose, i just caught a bus of (C++) and from inside i saw many paths where i can drive. My destination is to reach towards my Aim (System Designer), but, i am getting pretty much confused which path to choose to reach successful destination. I googled it and it viewed many sites resulting some of the types of programming like Template Meta-programming, Core Programming, Console Programming, Database Programming, Microsoft Visual C++ etc. As i already mentioned, whatever i am studying, its only depends on Ebook and other internet sources. So, i don't have much idea which to choose for what reason.

So, my question is,
-> Which path i must choose, riding the Bus of (C++) towards my Aim (System Designer)?
-> What should I learn in basic ?
-> Which Ebook are in recommendation?
-> Am i learning right Language ? (C++)
-> Am i using term "System Designer" really means what it supposed to be ? Or, Does it got other name ?

Awaiting helpful guidance and suggestion.