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    Grab special lines from a file


    I have a file that contain different content, some lines inside that file looks like that :

    Time : xx:xx:xx
    Time : xx:xx:xx

    So, I want to grab lines that start with "Time : " and put them inside a list<string> for later use. I am using windows so I don't know if the newline character is '\n' or '\r' also I don't want my grabed line contain any special character.

    I have this code, but didn't work well because some special characters remain inside the string.

    string buf;
    list<string> ls;
    ifstream read("test.txt", ios_base::binary);
          if(buf[0]=='T' && buf[1]=='i' && buf[2]=='m' && buf[3]=='e')

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    Re: Grab special lines from a file

    1) What special characters are in the line ? You can use
    the "erase-remove_if" method to get rid of them.

    2) Try opening in text mode instead of binary mode.

    3) If your line has less than 4 characters, you will access invalid
    array indices. You are also looping thru the loop once too often.

    You could write the loop:

    while (getline(read,buf))
       if (buf.substr(0,4) == "Time")

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