I've used http://csharp.net-informations.com/e...xcel-chart.htm
to create a chart, and that works.

I have a little problem, however. I need the data to come from several columns, as the sheet I'm going to make will have one chart with one graph, but use the data of several columns.

So, I took the sheet, and tried to make some modifications, and that worked. Name:  excel_test.png
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The formula for the graph is now:


Which means, that I now have added Term5-8 and corresponding values for Student1.

How to translate the above formula into code? I've tried adding:

            Excel.SeriesCollection seriesCollection = (Excel.SeriesCollection)chartPage.SeriesCollection(misValue);
            Excel.Series series1 = seriesCollection.NewSeries();
            series1.Formula = "=SERIES(Sheet1!$B$1;(Sheet1!$A$2;Sheet1!$A$3;Sheet1!$A$4;Sheet1!$A$5;Sheet1!$E$2;Sheet1!$E$3;Sheet1!$E$4;Sheet1!$E$5);(Sheet1!$B$2;Sheet1!$B$3;Sheet1!$B$4;Sheet1!$B$5;Sheet1!$F$2;Sheet1!$F$3;Sheet1!$F$4;Sheet1!$F$5);1)";
but that just gives me an exception :-(

I hope someone has a solution for this one...thanks in advance.

/Lars VJ