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    [RESOLVED] oAuth 2.0 - please one first step to start, i am lost

    I have 90% completed a desktop application (vb6) in order to browse posts of a list of blogs in a very fast and easy way. There are many functions in this utility, all of them are ready to go.

    As a last operation, i want for the user to select and re-post a selection from other blogs, to his blog. I am using of course Google Blogger API to do all the stuff (reading posts so far), but posting a new thread to a blog is entirely different thing, because oAuth authentication needed and i am kind of lost on this.

    I understand oAuth is about protection of user's private data. It says that I just can't put a login dialog to my application and stole the sensitive data (username and password) of a blog, thats why oAuth forces the developer to redirect the user to a Google's service, login there and if successfull to return to the program a temporary, time-limited token in order to use it in specific apis.

    But, i dont have any idea how to do that process and i cant find any guide specially for vb. Can anyone help, give me some start on this?

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