The "Windows 8 compatibility assistant" says that Visual C++ 2010 Express installed in my Vista laptop is not compatible with Windows 8 Pro. However, I've learned that many programs that Win8's compatibility assistant says are not compatible will install and run fine.

I need to continue using the Visual C++ 2010 version since I'm programming with SFML and it's compiled to work with the VC++ 2010 version and I don't think it has been compiled for the VC++ 2012 version yet.

So has anyone installed VC++ 2010 Express in Windows 8 Pro yet and have it working fine? The reduced price of $40 for Win8 Pro expires 1/31/13 so I want to get it soon if it will work with VC++ 2010.

Oh, and BTW, is MS Visual Studio Express 2012 still free? I wasn't able to determine that for sure by looking at the MS website.