Dear all,

we have a little but persistent Access/Office 2010 integration bug in connection with Windows7:

Description of the problem:

The Access 2010 database application makes calls to the following four programs:
Adobe PDF-Reader
MS Word 2010
MS Excel 2010
MS Outlook 2010

When run in a Windows XP environment (e.g. MS Windows Server 2003 SP2, MS Windows XP Prof 2002 SP3): Everything works fine!

When run on a Windows 7 machine,
- only calls to the PDF-reader still work perfectly (after adjusting the PDF-Readers security parameters).
- calls to any office program are faulty:
Oftentimes, the called program asks for "Enter Your product key". When closing this window, the called program asks "Exiting the dialog will prevent the application from running. Do you want to continue?". When pushing "Yes", it does run fine, though!
Also, the called program just opens & closes immediately.

Important: The whole machine, also Office 2010, was set up just days ago (less than 30 days ago!). Therefore it might be that Office 2010 is still not licensed? It never asks for a Product key when started directly or via double-click on a word/excel/... document in the windows explorer, though!

Two different methods are being used to call the other programs:

First: Via shell:
lRet = apiShellExecute(hWndAccessApp, vbNullString, stFile, vbNullString, vbNullString, lShowHow)

Second: directly:
Dim appWord As New Word.Application

Who can give us a hint?