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Thread: Linq To Dataset

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    Linq To Dataset


    i have the Dataset which contains the record from the back end , i need to remove last character of
    the column attribute

    E g: Dataset second column


    out put i need

    Currently i am doing
    var query = Get_X_A_B_C_Obj.AsEnumerable()
    .OrderBy(x => x.Field<string>("Columnname").Substring(0, 4))
    .ThenBy(x => x.Field<string>("Columnname").Substring(5));
    var dt = query.CopyToDataTable<DataRow>();

    but i am not getting

    Can any one please suggest/help me on it ?

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    Re: Linq To Dataset

    I would think that the best place to do this is in the SQL statement that retreives your DataTable e.g.

    SELECT 1235467X AS 1234567, kumarA AS kumar, CPUD AS CPU

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    Re: Linq To Dataset

    Are those the headers associated with your columns? If so, CGKevin has the right idea.

    As written, your query is sorting the data (a) first, using the first four letters of the column name, and then (b) the 5th through last letters of the column name. After executing the lambda expression ( x => ...) in the sort, these values are no longer used. That is, they aren't changing the data, they're just calculating some intermediate value to sort by, which is then forgotten.
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