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    enable virtualiztion in 64bit mfc c++ app? how?

    Ok, I have a version of an app in 64bit but the problem is under program files on windows 8 64bit it doesn't have access to the programs files folder... usually virtualiztion will redirect it to the virtual store but with 64bit exe's this doesn't happen automatically.
    How do I enable it in code or in the manifest file?

    any ideas?


    From MSDN:

    Virtualization is only enabled for:

    32 bit interactive processes
    Administrator writeable file/folder and registry keys
    Virtualization is disabled for:

    64 bit processes
    Non-interactive processes
    Processes that impersonate
    Kernel mode callers
    Executables that have a requestedExecutionLevel

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    Re: enable virtualiztion in 64bit mfc c++ app? how?

    don't write new applications that require virtualization. Make your app to NOT require it and use the proper technologies.
    Virtualization was added to windows ONLY for old programs to be compatible with the UAC changes without changes.
    MS has announced that they will stop supporting virtualization in some future version of windows. Windows 8 is still a bit too early, but I'm guessing this is a very strong candidate for removal in the next windows version.

    Regardless... Virtualization is ONLY possible for (some) 32bit apps. All 64bit apps are required to be compatible with UAC restrictions/guidelines.
    if you really NEED your 64bit app to write into the Program Files folder from a non elevated process, this is only possible by changing the permissions on the folder or subfolders. Setting the permissions will require elevation. It is generally speaking a really bad idea to make the program files folder writable.

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