I was wondering if you could tell me your opinion regarding a little project that came to my mind. I want to develop a tool that will be used by other developers. This tool will first work on your code, to tell you everything about it:
- code metrics
- code re-styling
- finding specific past of code (i.e. finding duplicated code, finding code that consists of a while loop with 2 lines of code inside it, etc...)
- anything else else that you can do with your code as static analysis, and its not in mind now
After this, I want also to get into compilers, so I can develop a small IDE with:
- pluginable compilers (i.e. you bring your own compiler that is "attached" to the IDE and you compile the code you write, with this compiler)
- you parse/build your project, or both (parsing will tell you faster if you have errors)
- the whole IDE will be language independent (i.e. you plug in your brain**** compiler, then you write code and compile, there you go, you have an .exe
- the project is written using .Net Platform, and for the moment will only work for Windows.
- you will be able to parse/build any language for which you can plug in a compiler or interpreter (even HTML, XML - just to tell your grammar errors, etc.)
- also, the first project (code-related tools) will be included inside this one
- not sure how will I do the link with the 3rd party components (such as java packages etc.), but I will search into a way to do this

So, if you could tell me your opinion (i.e. good facts, bad facts, improvements, suggestions, critics etc.), I would be grateful for this.