Design and develop a Visual Basic (VB2010) that simulates the functions of a modern day cash register that allows the user to input the price of taxable or non-taxable items, keeps track of them so that it can be removed from the total purchase if necessary, keeps a running total of purchases including taxes, provides for multiple tender by the customer, displays the change and the makeup of the bills and coins to make the change.
Design and code a Cash Register Program.
Look at a typical cash register tape to get some ideas of the user interface. Imagine you are a checker at a store to get some ideas as to how you would want this program to interface with you – how do you:
• input taxable and non-taxable charges
• input amount tendered
• correct your input
• remove individual charges for an item
• adjust if the charges is more than the amount tendered,
• etc.
Detailed Requirements:
• Provide for input for both taxable and non-taxable prices (numeric only)
• Display all dollar amounts in Currency Format ($
• Display all dollar amounts right aligned
• All input dollar amounts limited to 2 decimal places
• Individual price limited to $99,999.99
• Total Amount including taxes limited to $9,999,999.99
• Provide for input of multiple tender (the payment)
• Display – running subtotal, taxes, and grand total
• Display in bold RED if any money field is NEGATIVE
• Continuously display the price of at least the last 5 items purchased
• Provide the capability to remove (delete) any item from the purchased item list at any time before a “New Customer Order” is initiated – remember that totals are adjusted accordingly
• Provide for the entry of a new price item even after money has been tendered but before a “New Customer Order” has been initiated
• Prevent data exception errors
• Provide for a “New Customer order”
• Display the change amount
• Display how many of each US bill and coin needed to make the change amount.
• Your choice to hide controls when not needed