Program Version: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional

Here is what I'm trying to do. I have an application which appears to be written in C++/MFC which I can not modify or change in any way. I can get the main windows hwnd from my program using the standard FindWindow and children with FindChildrenEx however I am unable to get to the data from the "afxFrameOrView90s". I have used UISpy and can locate the different views but I need to "Enumerate" through those views and read the data.

so to simplify it. I have an application written in MFC and I need to get to the other views. Oh and btw the afxFrameOrView90s is a "Pane" according to UISpy.

Anyone know the way to do this or what steps to take to get the desired outcome.
I've been searching the internet and good groups for a while now and usually I can find something but maybe i'm just not searching for the right thing which sometimes happens and I stumble across it 3 months later LOL.
thanks in advance