Hi everyone
I hope someone can help me with this strange problem.

I have a string containing the following text

As you can see the name is encoded but don't know what exactly it is.

After doing some research I found out that by passing this strin it will automatically convert it to the actual text but it doesn't in my case.

How can I convert the value of name so that it shows what the actual value is (which is russian I believe)

I've tried the following
byte [] b = str.getBytes( "UTF-8" /* encoding */ );
String t = new String( b, "UTF-8" /* encoding */ );
but it didn't work

I have also tried the following code
Charset charset = Charset.forName("UTF-8");
CharsetDecoder decoder = charset.newDecoder();
CharsetEncoder encoder = charset.newEncoder();

ByteBuffer bbuf = encoder.encode(uCharBuffer);
CharBuffer cbuf = decoder.decode(bbuf);
String s = cbuf.toString();
but it didnt work.

Can someone explain me what should be my approach, how I can identify the charset and convert accordinly?

Thank you