Confused about the usage of Critical Section ..
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Thread: Confused about the usage of Critical Section ..

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    Confused about the usage of Critical Section ..

    I am using a thread in my application .. A DLL is written for In and Out instructions for hardware ICS and to read FIFO.

    My code is

    CCriticalSection crdll , crsec ;

    UINT ThreadReceiveData(LPVOID param)

    for ( ; ; ) {

    if (bTerminate) break; // bTerminate = 1 in Doc template destructor


    do {

    read data ;

    if ( data is not valid) break;


    if (data of type 1) process data;



    if (data of type 2) process data;


    } while valid data



    return 1;


    I am confused , how and when I should use Ctitical Section ? The program works fine but I am
    not happy as this is main routine of the program and I have not understood it properly.

    PL GUIDE ..
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