Being that we have become a knowledge sharing society I found the need for a tool that I don't know how to find or make and so my post is to achieve this.
When sharing files the software that intermediates it usually takes time to load files, depending on how many and how big they are it may get more time consuming.
What i need is some kind of file manager that lists the files I want and saves it's attributes and allows me or others to save that list and consult it in a windows explorer similar environment, with all the folders and sub-folders.
The ideal thing was that this file manager took advantage of the operative system resources and built in services or features to represent the files in the way I described with the smallest pc resources spending that is possible.
In conclusion, I need a little program that allows me to save the file properties of the files I want and that allows me to consult it in a simple user friendly way and send it to others so I and others make their files available to me or me to them without having to share their whole collections or files.
Of course, there could be other functions to this program but this is the essential.
If there is already such a thing or if there is a simple way to do it i would like to know.
It's hard to find the words to make a successful search about this subject and this is me trying to diverse that search.
By files i mean music, text documents, e-books, videos, etc...

Thank you in advance.