First of all I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Not sure. If it is I will delete and restart in the corrected section.

So I am trying to figure out if a desktop application is possible or not. The last I used C++ for coding was back in school 2 almost 3 years ago (Now I work 9-5 at a paper shuffling desk job >.<) . I only have basic programming idea and pretty much from pointers etc onwards i am knowledge-less.

I am thinking if it is possible to some how keep track on the running tasks or processes? And if the application can create a thread for them. So when the application is running say for example there are 5 running tasks then the app should create 5 instances or threads for them. If one closes then go down to 4 and if a new one opens go back to 5. If a previously closed thread is restarted then open the same instance for that task or process again? Basically for every running task on the machine have a thread/instance created and running which is retrievable if the application is restarted (maybe even after a complete machine reboot).

Of course i am not asking for the code here. Just a general idea for coding direction on how to maybe go about making something like this efficiently. I looked in Process Walking section at MSDN. Processtool32 api etc. Or maybe a way to create a thread/instance using the mouse click. So if a mouse clicks on a window that will be a running task (something from linux i guess as the Top running process) and an instance for that is created in the application.

So what do you think would be a good way to go about creating this or making it function? If of course I figure my ability to create this is beyond my scope of learning and execution then I might as well give up. :P

Let me know and thanks in advance for your ideas guys!