Dear all,

I have been doing a small program which can help user search general photos by keywords and can retrieve most recent general uploads from Flickr.

I created 4 classes:

testUserInterface => to build all components for interface.

Link to view my code of testUserInterface

testSearch => inherits interface from testUserInterface and build event action when user clicks on button start and button exit.

Link to view my code of testSearch

PhotoFinder => get connection to Flickr.

Link to view my code of PhotoFinder

PhotoPanel => displays photos on this panel.

Link to view my code of PhotoPanel

When I select sub-menu "Search Photos" from class testUserInterface, a search panel is displayed with textfield and 2 buttons, start and exit.

However, a problem occurs when I clicks start button (after entering a specific keyword).
all photos which relates to the keyword is not shown.
and I got problem with sub-menu instead in line 180.

Please help me out with the problem, it drives me crazy (TT)