Hello all,

I have a working module that will send an e-mail through Access via Outlook, so this post isn't another one seeking code to get something like that working.
What I'm wondering, is if there is a way to specify WHO to send the e-mails to. Basically, I am sending out e-mails to a specified list of people to let them know that job tickets have been "out" for 5, 10, or 15 days (or longer). At 5 days, the clerks (secretaries) get the message, at 10 days the managers and accounts receivable people get the message, so on... The 10 day list does not need to receive the 5 day list, so I have created three separate tables in order to prevent this from happening.
What I would LIKE to do, is consolidate these tables into one, and have a field within the table that specifies whether they are a 5, 10, or 15 day message recipient. Also, the 5 day list receives both the 10 and 15 day message, and the 10 day list receives the 15 day message. I hope this all makes sense..
I appreciate any help y'all can give!